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Triple D Lures 6" Triple D Lures

Triple D's are pre-rigged with 130 pound test P-Line and 8/0 Mustad 3407 hooks.
The Triple D lure catches big dolphin (fish) without having to rig bait!!!!
The dolphin (fish) mainly feeds on flying fish, especially when that flier is diving back into the water. This is when the flier is most vulnerable to dolphin attack. Our new lure, Dave's Dolphin Demon actually simulates this flier action by cavitating and generating it's own bubbles. The Triple D can be trolled from 4 to 15 knots. The Triple D works as rigged with no bait required.

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Pink & White, Pink & Purple w oil stain, Bleeding-Dolphin, Blue-&-White, Green-&-Yellow-w-oil-s, Purple-&-Black, Purple-&-Silver, Red-&-Black


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